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Cash and Carry Drop-offs

The cash and carry drop offs package involves bringing your rugs to us for cleaning. This rug cleaning package is very cheap and affordable. You can save up to 20% off the cost of rug cleaning by bringing your rugs to us for rug cleaning services instead of calling us to your home to carry out rug cleaning. Whether large or small rugs, Rug Cleaning Team will help you clean the rugs. Upon arrival, our staff will help you carry the rugs.


Pick-up and Delivery

Rug Cleaning Team also offers pick-up and delivery package. This package involves our staff picking your rugs from your residence for rug cleaning services and delivering them back to your home after rug cleaning services at a small added fee. Contact us on 800-244-0167 for more information about this package.


In-Home Rug Cleaning

We also offer in-home rug cleaning services. Our well experienced and skilled rug cleaning experts will come to your home or office with a truck equipped with all the necessary items to successfully and efficiently carry out rug cleaning services. A team of skilled and experienced rug cleaning experts will remove the furniture in your home where needed and carry out rug cleaning. These are some of the services that Rug Cleaning Team offers.

For more information about these and other services that we offer, contact us on 800-244-0167.

Rug Cleaning Team helps you clean and maintain your rugs. Rug Cleaning Team is located and uses fresh water, air drying and biodegradable products to clean and remove tricky stains on your rugs. Here are some of the rugs cleaning packages that Rug Cleaning Team offers:

Reasons as to why you should choose Rug Cleaning Team for all your rug cleaning needs;

We offer quality rug cleaning services

All our services are very affordable.

We are always available to help you out in taking care of your rugs. Call us on 800-244-0167 for any assistance in rug cleaning.

All our staff is well trained to effectively clean your rugs.

We use state or art equipments and techniques to effectively clean your rugs, leaving them looking and smelling good.

Rug Cleaning Team uses biodegradable products to clean your rugs.

Our rug cleaning services help to protect your rugs and give them a longer life.

Other than rug cleaning, Rug Cleaning Team also disinfects and removes stains and odors from your rugs.

Rug Cleaning Team has been providing rug cleaning services for both businesses and residence for a long time thus we are competent enough to handle your rugs and give you satisfying results.

With this in mind, you can be assured of getting quality rug cleaning services from Rug Cleaning Team. We are one of the best rug cleaning companies who offer quality services at a very affordable rate. When you call us on 800-244-0167, you will talk to our qualified and experienced customer service personnel who will answer all your questions and give you a quote for the rug cleaning services that you need.

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